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Wellness Puppy and Kitten Care

At Thornton Animal Hospital we want to be a part of your pet’s life from the very beginning to ensure that your pet receives the proper care we feel is essential to a happy and healthy life. We suggest that you bring your new puppy or kitten to see us as soon as you adopt him or her. We will provide your pet with a full head-to-tail physical examination and check for intestinal parasites. Parasites can be passed on from mother at birth and can be especially harmful to younger pets. Since some intestinal parasites are zoonotic (can be transmitted from animals to people), we feel it is important that owners are fully informed about potential zoonotic threats in order to protect themselves and our children. During that initial exam, we will assess your puppy or kitten’s need for parasite control and decide on any course of action needed.

Also at your puppy or kitten’s initial visit to Thornton Animal Hospital, we will decide on the best schedule of vaccinations needed for your pet. Although vaccinations are typically started at six weeks, we will customize a health care program designed specifically for your pet. We will not begin a course of vaccines, however, before your pet is ready. Puppies and kittens, like human babies, are quite susceptible to viral infections and disease. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you get your new pet examined and vaccinated as soon as possible.

Behavioral training is also an important aspect of a pet’s development. To ensure a lifetime of happy and safe interactions, click here to learn how to play appropriately with your new puppy from the start. For helpful tips on puppy house training, click here to read information provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Click here to learn how to overcome common behavioral problems in kittens and to learn about litter box basics.

How to overcome common behavioral problems in kittens and learn about litter box basics
Learn how to play appropriately with your new puppy right from the start
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