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Thornton Animal Hospital is committed to providing you with the best health care available for your family companion. We believe strongly in client education and in offering first-rate services. It is our hope that your experience with our hospital is a positive one and that you find our customer service is superior to any other. The following is a general listing of some of the services we provide:

General Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Internal medicine
General Veterinary Surgery
Complete Medical Assessment
Spays and Neuters
Tumor and growth removal and biopsy
Dermatology (Skin)
Endocrinology (Hormones)
Infectious diseases
Cancer diagnosis, counseling, and treatment
Arthritis and other orthopedic diseases
Obesity Management
Orthopedic surgery

Pet Dental Care

Dental cleanings, extractions and oral surgery
Training and education for at-home dental care

Preventive and Wellness Pet Care

Progressive vaccine protocols
All Puppy & Kitten healthcare, including exams, vaccinations & deworming
Parasite detection, treatment and prevention
Senior pet care
Arthritis pain management
Nutritional counseling and obesity management
In-house laboratory
Health Monitoring
On-site diagnostic X-Ray system
Flea Prevention
Chronic Pain Management

Additional Services

Microchip identification - Click here for our microchip Handout
In-house pharmacy


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